If you head on over to Crackberry.com you will notice a "few" articles relating to the BlackBerry Storm on Verizon. Honestly, it is no surprise since this is supposed to be RIM's answer to the iPhone.

A few months back Casey reported on a AT&T store handing out anti-iPhone propaganda to it's customers... Now AT&T themselves are taking shots at the BlackBerry Storm. And is it really a surprise seeing how Verizon is pushing this device as it's iPhone killer?

The Boy Genius Report has two independent sources supplying a email floating around AT&T that is laying the smack down on the latest effort of RIM, the BlackBerry Storm. Some of the key points being the lack of WiFi, multi-touch screen, App Store, and tri-band HSDPA.

(Via BoyGeniusReport)

...Meanwhile, BlackBerry News [via CrackBerry.com, naturally) has their own internal documents from last summer detailing why the BlackBerry is better than the iPhone 3G. Naturally, RIM is touting their history, keyboard, and most of all Enterprise chops.

Personally I want this Storm to come out already so we can put it up against the iPhone 3G and find out once and for all which device will come out on top!