L5 Remote IR Control App/Accessory for iPhone Hands-on -- TiPb @ CES 2010

If you ever held your iPhone in one hand, then got angry you still had to hold your big, expensive, horrible-screen universal in the other, L5 has an app -- and an accessory for that!

The process is straight forward. Download the app. Drag and drop in your custom control setup. Buy the infra-red (IR) dongle. Teach it your remotes' commands. Enjoy total iPhone or iPod touch power over your A/V components.

Video walk through after the break!

Rene Ritchie

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  • 50 dollars? seems pretty steep!
  • I think this is a huge miss, and highlight's the developer's misunderstanding of the iPhone platform. A small dongle - that's insanely easy to lose - that I have to plug into my iPhone? No. What would've been MUCH better is a small box that can be pointed at the devices I want to control, and communicates to the iPhone via WiFi or Bluetooth. I'm simply not going to plug something into my iPhone to control my TV/stero/etc.
  • Boring...this seems like circa 1999.
    What would impress me is if AT&T U-Verse app got a major upgrade and allowed me full control of my U-Verse DVR, including the ability to sync content stored on my DVR to my iPhone.
  • Id really want to use my own images rather than there ugly UI
  • The $50 price tag isn't exactly pennies, but it's not that bad considering the price of a quality universal remote with learning capabilities. I would pay for it, but I would be worried about losing the plug-in. I have insane difficulty with the fact that none of my "universal" remotes are quite able to handle the task of controlling my 3 TVs, 2 cable boxes, and 2 receivers because they're all different manufacturers and one TV in particular is an obscure manufacturer. I need a remote that can learn the buttons from each remote individually. It's a pain in the butt that I have to keep 1 TV remote on standby just to press 1 button that my other universal remotes somehow overlooked. It's especially painful that I have to hit that 1 button multiple times per day. And the problem with paying $50-$100 for a decent universal remote with learning capabilities is that when I lose that remote, I have to search then entire house of it and there's no telling which room it's in. I always have my iphone on me, so it would be with me whatever unit I need to control. The on problem is losing the attachment, which is a huge problem. The solution would be to put a charging dock on the backside or bottom of the attachment,so I could pretty much keep it on my phone and avoid unplugging it when I need to charge.
  • Does this seem like a solution looking for a problem to you?
  • What about being able to use BlueTooth to control a PS3 as well? If it could do that, then all my remotes could easily be replaced.
  • Julie Lewis -- what you're looking for already exists. Google "Red Eye" and you'll find the product. There's a base station that communicates with your iPhone over Wifi. It's not cheap, though -- $188 for the base.
  • Just get a "Leap Frog" It relays "any" IR signal. No programing no extra stuff and under $40.
  • 50$ Im Not Cheap Or Anything But Use The Fu*king Remote Thats In Your Hand!
  • So what is the "Greatest Thing" exactly?