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What you need to know

  • Lady Gag's latest song has a new video to go with it.
  • The video for "Stupid Love" was shot on an iPhone.
  • The singer teased the video on Twitter.

Singer Lady Gaga has teased the video for her latest song, "Stupid Love". Oh, and it was shot on an iPhone.

Sharing a clip of the video, Gaga also included the tag #ShotOniPhone which is what everyone does when sharing images and videos that were created using Apple's iPhones. Although we don't yet know which phone was used, it's very likely it was either iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro given the unlikelihood of Apple letting an older iPhone be used.

Billboard noted that the song goes live today, February 28. It's also the first single from the singer since 2017.

You can now also watch the full video to take it all in, and it's fair to say that whichever iPhone was used, certainly did its job.

Why don't any of my videos look like that?