Landing page for BBM for iPhone and Android appears

A landing page for BlackBerry Messenger for iOS and Android has appeared online briefly. The page initially announced that "BBM for Android and iPhone is Here", though the app is obviously not available for either platform yet. However, the site did have buttons to take you to each app when they go live eventually.

The site told us how to get the most out of BBM. It also mentions that BBM Voice, Video, and screen sharing will apparently be coming to the Android and iPhone versions of BBM this fall. There was also an FAQ at the bottom of the page, answering questions about PINs, BlackBerry ID, and how to manage contacts, among others. This is yet another sign that the release of BBM for iPhone is imminent. Between this leak, and the appearance of the user guide last week, we should expect to see the app fairly soon.

The landing page has since been pulled, which isn't surprising, and it wasn't finished anyway.

Source: BBM for Android and iPhone is Here, via CrackBerry