iPhone prototype running China Mobile -- Real, fake, or really fake?

Sohu.com published a photo of what appears to be an iPhone prototype running on the China Mobile network. If it isn't fake -- and we take such things with a Great Wall sized grain of salt -- it suggests the iPhone maybe coming to the world's largest carrier sooner rather than later.

The phone appears to run baseband software with version number 06.10.01, which hasn’t been released yet. It also lacks an IMEI number, just like an iPhone 4 prototype we spotted on eBay. Evaluation devices normally have no IMEI number.

Apple would most-likely choose to go with a TD-SCDMA iPhone before getting into 4G territory in China if this is the real deal, but there's really no clear way of telling from the photo. There are, however, noticeable errors seen in the image such as blurred UI elements, incorrect font spacing etc. Look at the resolution of the time on the status bar compared to the 3G indicator as a good example.

So what do you think? Real, fake, or really fake?

[Sohu via 9to5Mac]

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