"Leaked" Photo of 3G iPhone a Fake

Remember that glossy, all black 3G iPhone that's been out in the wild? Well turns out..not quite. According to Gizmodo, the picture that's been making way all over the interweb has been reported to be just a case made available over in Hong Kong. Though Engadget's sources had pointed toward an all-black exterior (with chrome buttons. ugh.) and the 'leaked' picture seemed to corroborate with that report, it looks like the 3G iPhone still hasn't been seen.

I'm as much a fan of the black exterior as anybody but I just can't imagine Apple stepping away from their famed metal/aluminum/silver. And with reports of the MacBook moving toward an aluminum casing and the iMac being re-designed (opens in new tab) with heavy usage of metal and silver, an all-black iPhone wouldn't quite fit with the rest of the product line.

  • Yeah.... this is really not a shocker.... people jump the gun and get way to excited over any new "rumor" that comes along. Relax people, when it arrives... it arrives. ;-)
  • A while back it seemed like no one got anything before Steve Jobs showed it off on stage. iPhone wasn't leaked, for Jobs-sake!
    Then iPhone Fatty Nano showed up online before the music event, even MacBook Air dribbled out in advance of Macworld. Now people think its possible...
  • lol wrong that is exactly what the new 3G looks like