Location-Based Home Screens, Speech to Text, Image Transport, Event-Based Contacts, In-Call File Transfer -- Apple iPhone Patent Watch!

Like an old episode of Star Trek, Apple patents provide us with a look at many possible futures for the iPhone, some of which -- but not all of which -- may one day be ours. Cases in point, AppleInsider rounds up the latest batch from Cupertino:

  • Location-based home screen means a user would be presented with a dynamically generated Home Screen based on factors such as location (get off the plane, automagically be presented with local weather, maps, contacts, etc.)
  • Speech-to-text would take what you say into the iPhone and transcribe it into editable text (similar to what many 3rd party apps offer now).
  • Image transportation, where picture are automagically scaled and sent for display on a TV or similar external monitor.
  • Event-based contact lists, hosted server-side, that would allow access for event participants.
  • In-call file transfer would let users share a file with someone they're already talking to on the phone.

Yeah, iPhone 4.0 is coming when again?

Rene Ritchie

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