LOL Cats Come to iPhone

2007 09 Internetsinabox

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You already know that the iPhone offers up the real internet, not the "Watered-down, Mobile Version, kinda sorta looks like the internet, internet." What you may not have realized is that the "real internet" basically consists of 3 parts:

  1. iPhone news (we got ya covered)
  2. Porn
  3. Pictures of cats with amusing captions (in Kitty Pidgin)

Well, folks, the third part of the real internet is now optimized for your iPhone, in the form of i can has cheezburger, iPhone edition. What better way to show off your new toy to your friends than with cute asplosions? (via TUAW)

  • Still looking for site that combines all three...
  • AAAHHH!! Get it out of my mind!! cat-style nsfw
  • @Septimus:
    Why do you insist on linking to items I can never un-know?