MacWorld (iPhone) Predictions

The Macworld Expo is coming in a little over a week and I'm wondering what it will bring for iPhone users. Macworld will obviously be focusing primarily on, er, Macs, but I'm expecting that there will be iPhone news too. Expecting it enough that, yes, Phone different will be there reporting on the events!

In any case, there's a thread up in our forums started by rener asking about what's coming and it seems like a fun thing to think about on a Friday. I won't touch the Mac rumors (except to say I want the subnotebook), but here's my shot at what I expect iPhone-wise:

  • Firmware Update 1.1.3 gets released (though doesn't necessarily get facetime in the Stevenote)
  • 1.1.3 does not, as has been rumored today, get cut & paste.
  • 1.1.3 does get A2DP ("What the Heck" pick)
  • Further sync features (notes and tasks!) are announced and possibly included in 1.1.3
  • A new iPhone-compatible speaker-dock system
  • If we get our A2DP Stereo Bluetooth What-the-heck prediction right, Apple will also release some bluetooth headphones.
  • 16 gig iPhone (but not a 3G version)


Dieter Bohn