Man Steals iPhone. Man Takes Photo. Man Emails Photo. Man Gets Busted.

One of my favorite quotes from the West Wing went something like "no amount of law enforcement money or manpower can equal a criminal being stupid". Today's case in point, via the New York Post, a man mugged a woman for her iPhone, used it to take a picture of himself, used her email on her iPhone to send his picture to his own email account:

"I checked my e-mail and saw something in my outbox," she wrote on the Japanese-language blog. "I knew I didn't send anything. "I opened the attachment, and there he was with his black and red knitted [Spider-Man] hat. The same hat I described to the police officers." She sent the photos off to cops who combed through mug shots and quickly zeroed in...

So there we have it. iPhone 1. Crime 0.

(And this is before Apple's rumored iPhone 3.0 "Find My iPhone" Feature!)

(Thanks to msproductions for the tip!)

Rene Ritchie

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