doesn't list Find my iPhone as paid MobileMe service but App Store still does

If you go to on your iPad or iPhone you'll a screen with options to Install Find my iPhone and Gallery, and then a second category labeled as "Requires Paid Subscription", which includes Set up Mail, Contacts, Calendar and Install iDisk.

That's a little confusing since if you tap the iTunes link, you're taken to the App Store which promptly informs you Find my iPhone indeed still requires a paid subscription to MobileMe (or the 60-day free trial). Likewise, MobileMe Gallery still requires a member name and password on launch.

So why put Find my iPhone and Gallery above the pay warning? Why put iDisk below it? Poor design, cheap attempt to get people to download and the push the subscription service, or unintentional glimpse of potentially free aspects of MobileMe to come?

Check out the screen and let me know what you think.

[Thanks Paul for the tip!]

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