Yahoo! and Microsoft have just announced a 10-year search deal where Microsoft's newly re-branded Bing service will take over web searches for the venerable Yahoo! For its part, Yahoo! will get 88% of ad-based search revenue for 5 years and the ability to sell ads to some Microsoft search sites as well and limited access to user data.

Um, okay. Is that a good deal? Even if it doesn't face any regulatory or approval problems, the deal won't close until next year and then will take up to a couple of years to get up and running.

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So, impact on the iPhone and iPhone users in the short term is likely nothing. Although, like Jacob's nemesis on Lost, it could mean Microsoft has finally found a loophole to get their Bing search service onto the iPhone...

Currently the iPhone offers too search options via Settings > Safari: Google and Yahoo. Will Apple be switching that to Google and Bing?