After an innumerable amount of teases, both from Microsoft and their manufacturing partners, Windows Phone 8 has finally, officially, been launched at a special event today and our Mobile Nations sibling site WPCentral is all over all it.

Daniel Rubino has a full Windows Phone 8 review up for your comparative pleasure, and he's unsurprisingly positive about Microsoft's latest smartphone OS:

For current Windows Phone users, Windows Phone 8 is a major step in the right direction. It continues to fill in gaps, expand functionality and create some new areas. The new hardware abilities make what was already a fast OS even more horsepower and you can feel it when doing everyday tasks. Combined with the new bold phones designed by HTC and Nokia, Windows Phone 8 has the best chance ever to succeed. Let’s see what happens.

And Alex Dobie has an HTC 8X review up, at least in preliminary hardware form, to round things out.

By any standard, HTC’s Windows Phone 8X is a stunning piece of technology. There’s no shortage of plastic smartphones out there, but this is plastic done right. HTC’s combined leading smartphone internals with a minimalist design and triple-A build quality, and it should come as no surprise that the result is a worthy signature handset for Windows Phone 8.

My own opinions of Windows Phone haven't changed much if at all with the new version. Microsoft's Windows Phone team deserves an incredible amount of credit for making a modern, elegant, beautiful new mobile operating system -- one that's since dragged the entire, entrenched company into the future with it. But Microsoft's management has stuck so solidly, stupidly, to Windows that they've cut the legs out from under it at every turn.

Again, call it Xphone, put Halo on it alongside Office, and it's got an incredible shot at success. Leave it as it is, stuck with the Windows brand, caught be carrier must-carry iOS and carrier want-to-carry Android, and it'll be an incredible battle to even get to 3rd place, despite BlackBerry remaining in free fall.

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