Microsoft Porting Zune Software to Other Platforms -- Maybe iPhone?

ZDnet is reporting that Microsoft has plans to port their Zune software over to other platforms... and that means rumors of Zune on iPhone.


blockquote>“Zune is a music and video service from Microsoft. Period, Our next step is mobile phones, but we haven’t talked about a timeline for when that will happen.”

Just more proof that Microsoft is treating the Zune platform as software rather than hardware. Now, we don't know about any of you, but we are highly doubtful you will ever see Zune content on any iPod or iPhone. But for all of you who are Mac owners and Zune faithful, this may be a good sign of things to come as sometime in the near future you may be able to sync your Zune with your Mac.

Then again how many of you actually own a Zune?

  • Zune pass on iPhone?
  • There goes the neighborhood. :lol:
  • I would love to sync my iPhone 3GS with the Zune software. Zune on Windows 7 is much easier than iTunes. Just the whole experience is more user-friendly, looks nicer, and actually works rather than iTunes crashing my pc everytime I sync. After three hours of wasted time, 3 iTunes AppHangs, and 2 BlueScreens I just wanna smash iTunes Office Space style.
  • That picture always freaks me out. Ugh.
  • I was thinking about this porting of other OSs to the iPhone in conjunction with all the iPhone DEV team cat fights the other day.
    I know that there are attempts to port Android to the phone, (iBoot or something like that).
    If they could sandbox the iPhone Apps and still manage to sync with iTunes they could get away from this cat/mouse game with Apple.
    Wouldn't that make more sense in the long run?
  • not like it will get even approved by apple... why is this even news.
  • Omg ewww I have a zune, it sits there because it is useless. MS attempt at the mp3 player was a horrible fail and I don't know why they would even try to make a new one. It fails at such simple functions like syncing. No wonder it came in brown, because it's absolute sh*t!
  • Lol, Zune fuckin dusts iTunes out the water. The grossly overbloated software is garbage, sorry thats just the end of it.
    Zune has a better interface (i know, its hard for macfags to wrap their head around it).
  • Stephen,
    Can I have your Zune? (Since you don't like...)