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Mobile iChat Video for the iPhone Cometh... Again?

No, nothing new here. Same story we've heard off and on for almost a year now, typically from Kevin Rose. But the internets are all a twitter about it, so for completeness' sake, here's the story again from CrunchGear, augmented with the recent iPhone patent grants:

Apparently video recording is mentioned frequently throughout the entire document but a few images and sections explain a video conferencing capable phone.

Yet they, like us, remain cautiously optimistic at best. After all, Apple files tons of patents, is granted quite a few, but only ever ships a very small subset.

Still... I wants it for my iPhone HD. How about you?

Rene Ritchie

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  • I can has video? =/
  • I can't wait until I can finally do video chatting on my iPhone. Until that day arrives, though, I still need to send a bunch of text messages to and from my friends on iPhones. Did you know you can send text messages for free from iChat on the Mac? That way, if you want to send messages to your friends with iPhones, at least sending messages will be free. You can learn how to do it at Mac Guru Lounge.
  • @mike
    You can also use AIM or other instant messengers to send text messages to phones. Even email, but that requires knowing the carrier and it goes through as an MMS. Someone really needs to make an all-in-one app for non-jailbreakers but I'm guessng developers don't have access to the needed SMS API's to make that happen?
  • Not everybody has a iPhone so what's the purpose of iChat... I guess they would have to use their computer and a webcam.. And yes I'm still rooting for the iPhone hd
  • I used video chat once on my first 3g phone. "Woooo! isnt this amazing! yeah... wow this is 50p a minute? no included minutes? and kinda inconvenient given the small size screen and the mobile nature of mobiles? Guess i'll just send a MMS when i need to show you video in future, see ya!" if its not using the cell network and therefore not costing me money then fair enough, but if i've got wifi why not use a webcam?
    I guess i could be in an airport with wifi, waving goodbye to family befoer a long flight, but really, i dont want to talk oudly amongst a group of strangers certainly not ham it up infront of a camera.
    Video chat is massively overrated in mobile devices. Cmon apple, give us video recording, give us MMS, (alright alright, give us copy/paste why not) but video calling = waste of effort.
  • love the blog, best iPhone blog i'm aware of, but the constant pushing of the iPhone HD speculation is starting to become obnoxious.
  • @striatic,
    Sorry, my enthusiasm is growing. We don't get the constant stream of hardware that WinMo, BlackBerry, etc. get, so it's like that old Eddie Murphy joke about the starving man suddenly getting a cracker... is this a Ritz?! ;)
  • I can’t wait the video chatting on my iPhone
  • Yea, how are you going to video chat when the camera is on the wrong side of the phone?
    How about a fix with 2.2 jailbreak, something is resetting the dhcp server when the WEP key is used on a secure wifi. Sorry for the rant, the jb is truly awsome. I think Apple needs to promote these apps to all iPhone users.
    Armchair out
  • Found the problem was PDA net was sending out request for dhcp and screwing up the company router. This might be addressed to let others owners know that if pdanet is installed and turned on (default) that when you enter a new wifi spot, it will set your ip to 256.192.x.x when you try and connect.
    Sorry for being so off topic
  • I miss a ffront facing cam and standard video calls a whole lot more than I miss Flash. Being able to use it for video chatting in messenger apps would be a really nice bonus.