Most Popular Camera Phone on Flickr? The iPhone.

I use Flickr a lot, whether its perusing for great pictures or posting some of my own, Flickr is the standard on which photo-sharing websites are judged upon. And according to Flickr data (per TUAW) the iPhone, in only a years time, has become the most used phone on the popular photo-sharing website. So is the iPhone the mobile camera for which the rest of the industry is judged upon? Well, I wouldn’t go that far.

Is this good news? Of course, it goes to show how much the iPhone is used beyond the typical parameters of a phone. But it is interesting, considering the camera on the iPhone is often maligned, overlooked and bypassed. Being number one in mobile web usage makes sense because Safari on the iPhone is just that good. With a sub-par camera being number one, well that should push Apple to further develop the iPhone’s camera.

One of my biggest wishes on the next iPhone, aside from 3G and GPS, is a much more advanced camera: better resolution, auto-focus, zoom, video, geotagging, etc. If the iPhone can be number one on Flickr with the current camera, imagine what it could do with something better?

Canon Rebel XTi watch your back?

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  • I'm hoping, what with the Apple TV Flickr love, we get to choose between Flickr and .Mac for automagic web-gallery upload. That would be sweet.
    (.Mac has a very nice web gallery, but Flickr leads the field by far).
    3-5 megapixel with Geo-Tagging in iPhone 3g? :)