MrMobile Head to Head: Pixel vs iPhone!

A war is brewing! Well, not a war. It's more like... not a war. But for the iPhone and the Pixel, it can only mean one thing — War! Alright, this paragraph may be ridiculous, but what we're talking about isn't. It's time for the iPhone and Pixel to face off!

MrMobile is pitting these two titans head-to-head, bringing to light the most important questions of our day. Do the iPhone's lush camera colors outshine the intense image stabilization of the Pixel? Can having an headphone jack edge out those who might want to Snapchat underwater? And who really is behind the mystery of the abandoned theme park? Michael Fisher reveals all in this thrilling episode! (Except the one about the abandoned theme park — that was Old Man McCreevy.)

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Justus Perry is a producer for MrMobile. He still likes Match 3 games, despite their ubiquity. He's also a comedian and actor.

  • Thank you for that. I do believe if the Pixel came out at the same time as the Iphone I would have gotten it and now the Iphone 7 Plus that I have now. But I will roll with it for now.
  • Might as well call it original vs replica.
  • Best phones of the year.../period
  • Having been a longtime Android user (left the iphone with the 3GS) I can tell you a few things from my perspective since I returned on the iPhone 7 Plus. Battery life is excellent on the iPhone even with my 150 plus apps, everything connects easily and remains connected with bluetooth on my 7. I have no perceivable lag, and the screen and OS "just works". I have had one or two hangups or freezes, but that is to be expected on a new product rollout and I am really talking about two hangups, not two hangups a day or week. The dialer works as intended and they seem to understand that I need the phone to have precedence over apps. On Android, its anybodies game. Even with this new Le Eco Pro 3 I'm losing battery from just having Star Wars Heroes installed (and I'm only playing on work breaks) with all Le Eco apps disabled and only Google apps opted into. Thing about android is that there is so much selection, but I'm good now. I have everything I had in my Nexus 6P on this i7+ minus the crashes, the lag, the dialer fc. I'm good now. Took me awhile to come around, but I'm good now.