Updated: Multi-Touch to Go from iPhone to Mouse?

UPDATE: Looks like Engadget managed to score the mouse and keyboard diagrams from the FCC filings before Apple had them yanked. They look the same from what little outline is shown, though the new keyboard is a tad smaller.

Is Apple on the verge of releasing a new, multi-touch enabled mouse for their Mac line that harnesses the technology debuted in the iPhone? That's what AppleInsider is claiming.

Unlike the iPhone, which garnered almost immediate and universal praise when it brought multi-touch mainstream, Apple has historically gotten the opposite reaction to their Mac mouse line, from the abysmal hockey-puck that came with the original iMac to the latest track-balling, gunk-clogging Mighty Mouse that ships in old-school white, even for the latest gen aluminum Mac Pros.

So the poetry of Apple's latest input technology swinging full circle to one of their oldest (keyboard aside) isn't lost on us, and goes to show just how deeply multi-touch is being explored -- and more importantly, realized and integrated -- into Apple's entire product line.

And it goes to show what TiPb's been saying for a long time, the iPhone benefitted from the Mac platform, and the Mac platform is certainly benefitting from the iPhone!

Rene Ritchie

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