Everyone has things that are worth keeping safe. That's why it's a smart move to have a security camera or two around your house. Keeping track of who or what strolls into your yard can be important, especially if you have had issues with property damage or theft. But seeing what's going on inside is just as important sometimes.

A good indoor camera also doubles as a baby monitor or a nanny camera or even something to keep an eye on the pets while you're away. You can find cameras from many different companies that fit the bill here, but one of the best is Amazon's Ring Indoor Camera especially if you're an Alexa user.

Regularly you'd spend $60 each on a Ring Indoor Camera and the reviews on Amazon show that most people buying one think they're worth it. But this Cyber Monday deal saves you 25% and that adds up quickly when you're buying more than one.

Ring Indoor Camera Render

Ring Indoor Camera

This two-way audio-enabled camera lets you see, hear, and talk to anyone inside your house and can connect to Alexa-powered devices like the Echo Show. The Ring app also lets you check on things from anywhere.

$45 at Amazon
Ring Indoor Two Pack

Ring Indoor Camera (2-pack)

The same great Ring Indoor Camera just multiplied by two. Perfect if you need one for the living room and another in a place like a garage or a child's room.

$89 at Amazon
Ring Indoor 3 Pack

Ring Indoor Camera (3-pack)

If you have a bigger home and need three Ring Indoor Cameras it's great that you can save by buying this three-pack from Amazon.

$134 at Amazon

The Ring Indoor Camera offers alerts based on motion detection like any camera worth its salt. that means when the camera sees something moving in front of it that shouldn't be, the app on your phone gives you a notification and lets you view what's happening in real-time. You can adjust the sensitivity and viewing zone so that you only get an alert when you want one

If you need a little more, like saving all the camera captures for up to 60 days or being able to download and share video, you'll want a Ring subscription plan. These plans start at just $3 per month.

Everyone hopes they never need a security camera. But when you do you would be glad you bought it. This Cyber Monday is a great time to get started and you can save 25% while you're at it.

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