Niantic announces March Pokémon Go Events

Pokemon Go March
Pokemon Go March (Image credit: Niantic)

What you need to know

  • Niantic announced the Events for Pokémon Go for March 2020.
  • In addition to Giovanni captuiring the Legendary Beast, Entei, a Team GO Rocket Take-Over is coming.
  • Thundurus will take over Five Star Raids and weekends will feature Legendary Special Raids.
  • A Psychic Event and a mysterious weekend Event will also be happening.

Despite yesterday's news that Pokémon Go Events for Sunday March 1, 2020 were canceled in Japan, South Korea, and Italy, Niantic announced today the Events for March and the list is quite impressive. Trainers will have ample opportunities to add a number of Legendary Pokémon to their collections with Legendary Special Raid Weekends, Thundurus taking over Five Star Raids, and Giovanni capturing Entei.

Starting March 2, 2020 at 1 PM PST, Thundurus will take over Five Star Raids. So, Trainers, if you haven't caught Tornadus, you have just two days left! Thundurus, the Bolt Strike Pokémon is a Legendary Electric and Flying type, who, along with Tornadus and Landorus make up the Forces of Nature Trio.

Each weekend in March, Players will also have the chance to catch a different Legendary or Mythical Pokémon during Legendary Special Raid Weekends. Each Friday, starting at 8 AM local time until each Monday, at 10 PM local time, a different amazing Pokémon will be available. The weekends will include:

  • Darkrai: March 6 through 9 with the potential to be Shiny
  • Giratina (Altered Forme): March 13 through 16 with the potential to be Shiny
  • Cobalion: March 20 through 23 with the Event Exclusive Move Sacred Sword and the potential to be Shiny
  • Lugia: March 27 through 30 with the Event Exclusive Move Aeroblast and the potential to be Shiny

One more Legendary Pokémon will be available this month. Giovanni, the infamous Leader of Team GO Rocket, has captured Entei and turned it into a Shadow Pokémon! Trainers will have the month of Match to complete a new Special Research in order to challenge Giovanni, rescue Shadow Entei, and purify the Legendary Beast. To make that task easier, on Saturday, March 7, from 2 to 5 PM local time, another Team GO Rocket Take-Over will be happening. During this time, Team GO Rocket will be found controlling virtually every PokéStop! Also during the Take-Over, Trainers will be able to use TMs to change any Shadow Pokémon's Charged move.

Then, beginning March 27, at 8 AM and running until March 30, at 10 PM local time, the Psychic Spectacular is returning with even more Psychic Pokémon than before. In addition to many other Psychic Pokémon, Solosis the Cell Pokémon and Gothita the Fixation Pokémon will be available during the Day and Evening respectively. Both of these Pokémon will be available in the Wild and in 5 KM eggs following the event.

As if all that weren't enough, there will also be a Mysterious Weekend Event featuring the release of Shiny Nincada; Bug and Steel types in Raids; Karrablast and Shelmet in 5 KM Eggs; and Normal, Fire, Water, Electric, and Ice type Pokémon showing up more in the wild. There will be Pokémon Spotlight Hours every Tuesday evening at 6 PM local time, and Mystery Bonus Hours every Thursday at 6 PM local time.

Players were also reminded that these events may vary in Japan, South Korea, and Italy as safety measures are put in place to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Needless to say, March will be a busy month for Pokémon Go players. Which event are you most excited for? Drop us a comment below and be sure to check out our Complete Pokédex, as well as our many Pokémon Go Guides so you too can become a Pokémon Master!

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