Nike+ and iPhone, Together At Last

Remember Nike+? It measured total distance, pace, calories burnt, and created goals to reach. Essentially, it was a personal trainer without the personal trainer. Up until now, the Nike+ was iPod nano exclusive, but according to, Nike+ is coming to the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Personally, I've never used Nike+ because of its iPod nano requirement and to a lesser extent, my allergic reaction to all things working out. But from what I’ve heard in reviews and from friends, Nike+ is a perfect addition to any workout and a great example of how technology can make our lives easier.

An iPhone specific version of Nike+ can add to the already successful product they have now. Stuff reports that the iPhone will wireless transfer the data onto your computer, no cords necessary. But I think Nike and Apple should take it a step further. The iPhone is powerful enough to manage everything Nike+ throws it way, so why not eliminate the computer from the equation?