No Vacation for AT&T, 3G iPhone Late June?

Sorry AT&T workers, I guess you’ll have to re-schedule that Hawaiian vacation. The Boy Genius Report reports that an internal memo has been making the rounds over at AT&T and it strongly discourages vacation time between June 15th and July 12th.

To quote the memo, AT&T “anticipates heavier than normal customer traffic” and an “exciting Summer Promotional Launch to enable your sales to soar”. I wonder what product fits that description: exciting, heavier than normal, soar..okay maybe I'm reading between the lines.

Does this mean that AT&T is positioning themselves for the launch of the 3G iPhone? That would be the obvious conclusion considering that AT&T had issued a similar no-vacation mandate just a year ago. For what you ask? The original iPhone.

But with no Apple “special event” currently scheduled, can we now expect the 3G announcement to be made during WWDC’s keynote (June 9th)? When is the FCC going to get their hands on this little, powerful puppy? As much as I thought the 3G iPhone wasn’t coming until fall, it looks like June will be the date.

  • Fake Steve's take:
    AT&T boneheads leak the 3G iPhone release
    See here. AT&T sent out notices to employees telling them they can't have vacation between June 15 and July 12 because of "an exciting product launch."
    I know what you're wondering: Is Dear Leader friggin furious or what? The answer: Officially, yes I am.
    You may also be wondering if in fact we instructed AT&T to send out this email and arranged for it to leak to the blogosphere in order to start pumping up the hype machine in advance of the 3G iPhone release.
    My answer: No comment.
  • Is there anything in the pipeline other than a new iPhone that this could be? Hard to answer I guess, but perhaps if we knew if AT&T had ever done this for a product other than an iPhone that would be a start. Any AT&T watchers care to chime in?