Nokia N96 Gets Bruce Lee Edition... iPhone Could Still Take It!

Gotta admit, this Nokia N96 Bruce Lee Edition is pretty cool. Bruce Lee put Kung Fu on the map, and while I'm not sure the current generation of tiny Skidoosh'ers would know him over the Panda, it hits all my nostalgia strings. (I'm sure Jeremy is waiting impatiently for the other Bruce -- Campbell, that is -- to show up, while Brian may, just may, be holding out for the King himself! Of course, Sam Jackson will probably be ****ing next...)

Of course, even with Saint Bruce's way of the intercepting phone, the N96 would still eat a whole heaping, hurting, helping of Jobs Sifu's Dim Mak -- that's the death touch fellas -- were it to even try and enter that iPhone dragon's lair.

But yeah, I'm jealous.

And iPhone do hit back...

Rene Ritchie

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