Not on the AT&T $30 iPhone Data Plan? Soon You Will Be...

If you currently own a iPhone 3G and are lucky enough to be paying $15 for the MEdia Net Unlimited data plan, your luck is about to change. And not for the better. AT&T is currently on the hunt for you, and you will soon join the rest of us in coughing up another $15 a month of your hard earned money for the the $30 iPhone 3G data plan.

You chould be receiving the following email anytime now:


blockquote>Our service records indicate that you are using an iPhone 3G with a data plan designed for other devices. To avoid unexpected data overage charges and enable Visual Voicemail, please contact your telecom manager, or an AT&T representative at 1-800-331-0500. Thank you for choosing wireless from AT&T. We appreciate your business.

So there you have it folks, everyone will soon be on a level playing field. Have any of our loyal readers received the email above from AT&T yet?

(via The Boy Genius Report)

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