O2 UK to Start Unlocking iPhones Nov. 10. Rogers Canada -- Not.

Making good on their promise from a fe, O2 UK has launched a website where customers can get their iPhone's unlocked starting November 10, 2009. Here are the details:

  • Pay Monthly customers can get the unlock any time, but you have to keep paying O2 for the length of your remaining service contract.
  • Pay Go customers can get the unlock after 12 months, for a one-time £15 fee (deducted from airtime balance).

To begin the process, customers need to complete the online form (via the link above). The process will take up to 14 days, but customers will get an SMS confirmation when it's completed, and they can then place a non-O2 SIM in their iPhones, hook up to iTunes, and finish the unlock.

Curious as to whether the other major new iPhone multi-carrier market would be following suit, TiPb contacted Rogers and received the following reply:

Rogers policies haven't changed in this regard.

One step forward, one step back. Hopefully Rogers will reconsider and take a page from O2's consumer-friendly approach.

Meanwhile, if you go for the new O2 unlock, let us know how the process works out for you!

Rene Ritchie

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