OLED/AMOLED Not Realistic for iTablet, How About for 4th Gen iPhone?

Ars made some waves in the iTablet rumor pool this morning, taking a look and determining that a 10" OLED (organic light emitting diode) or AMOLED (active matrix light emitting diode). Basically, only Samsung and LG are equipped to make the panel, and According to Barry Young, Managing Director of the OLED Association:

"On the Samsung configuration they could produce about fourteen 10.1-inch panels per substrate," he told Ars. "With a 70 percent yield, if all their capacity was dedicated to 10.1-inch, they could produce about 150,000 per month. Given that Samsung cannot meet its current order backlog, they are unlikely to build that many 10.1-inch displays.""LG has 10 to 15 percent of Samsung's capacity," Young said.

So that means 1) Apple wouldn't be able to make very many 10" OLED/AMOLED iTablets and 2) the ones they did make would be very expensive.

Another complication? If Apple switches to OLED/AMOLED for the 4th generation iPhone (like the display on the new Google Android Nexus One), that would mean an even greater constrains on the supply for any iTablet use.

All things considered, given the costs and constraints, I'd rather of OLED on my iPhone. What about you?

Rene Ritchie

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