Unlike most professional bloggers, I have a real job (snap!). I work as a self-employed freelance web designer and creative professional. A job that consumes most of my available time that would otherwise be devoted to writing. Since this site was incepted I have run it, literally, with one hand and four fingers tied behind my back. Each post I write is done with one remaining pinky finger, in the span of whatever free minutes I can spare each hour or afternoon. Even as time deprived as I am, I still managed to make this blog one of the most popular iPhone enthusiast destinations on the internets. Not a bad achievement for one person, but still woefully inadequate.

My schedule is becoming increasingly burdened with work, and writing time seems to be lessening. The latter part of last week I spent on the road meeting with new clients and collaborating on projects. My "free" time was so sparse I not only hadn't posted news, I completely missed Free Wallpaper inexcusable atrocity akin to drowning kittens. Ironically it seems that the very thing that has made this blog what it is (me) is also holding it back (me again). And that's not good. So the time has come to make some hard decisions here at the old iPhone blog. My options are...

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  1. Give up my job and work as a full time professional writer? I would love the opportunity to do just that, but this crazy capitalist system we live under requires currency for the acquisition of goods and services. My income would disappear in the blink of an eye. Unless some larger publication acquires this blog and hires me in, this isn't an option, sadly.
  2. Throw in the towel and shut down the site. Again, not an option. That kitten drowning analogy comes to mind.
  3. Open the site to volunteers and user generated content.

The last option seems most rational, and interesting. So here's the deal - I want your feedback. How does this idea sound to you? Would you like to see user generated news and reviews? Or would you rather this site remains as it exists now...a walled garden with me as its despite ruler? Better still, what would you, dear readers, like to see added to improve this site? Any and all options are on the table. Speak your mind and I'll listen. Post your comments below, or use the contact form to shoot me an email...or engage in character assassination.

Lastly, thank you all for your loyal support. You folks are what makes all this worth the effort. Cheers!

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