Orange UK iPhone Pricing Plans Just Say No to Price War

Orange UK is set to break O2's iPhone exclusivity... if not their price points with the announcement of their pay monthly, pay as you go, and for business plans.

What did we notice off the top? Depending on how much you pay on contract or up front, your iPhone hardware cost can go down to as little as free or climb to as much as £539 for an iPhone 3GS on PAYG. (Also, PAYG plans named Monkey, Dolphin, Canary, Racoon, and Camel? Where's John Cleese to expla)

Unlimited internet and Wi-Fi, however, carry a "fair usage policy of 750MB/month" proviso, which looks rather pathetic next to unofficial US caps of 5GB. Good on them for not hiding it, but placing that paltry figure anywhere close to "unlimited" probably means they shouldn't use "unlimited" to begin with.

Not much in terms of cutting O2's pricing though. Maybe Vodafone will feel a bit more daring?

If you're thinking of going Orange, check out the full pricing info and let us know if it's what you expected, better, or worse?

Rene Ritchie

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