Original iPhone 2G Pulled from AT&T Stores

It's official, folks, the iPhone 3G is replacing the original iPhone, aka the "iPhone 2G" (which makes the iPhone 1G the... Newton?). Company-owned AT&T store managers received the word today:

Stop selling and Pull all 2G 8GB (sku:69001) and 16GB (sku 69010) iPhones from the shelves and immediately return to AT&T Returns Facility in Fort Worth TexasHave devices ready for pick up June 13th or Monday June 16th.

...Which means this past week wasn't just a crazy dream after all, the iPhone 3G is really coming. What's more interesting: we're going to have a full month of NO iPhone sales. What's most interesting: What do you suppose AT&T and Apple are going to do with these returned 1st-gen iPhones?

Heck - let's have some fun. This is a Wait-a-Thon post. Any comment here gets you entered to win that $100 iTunes gift card. Here's our guess: those long-lost, landfilled "E.T. The Extra Terrestrial" Atari Games create a sort of blackhole of bad user experiences. Throwing a bunch of iPhones in there would sort of balance that out, no?

What do you think they should do with them?

Thanks to Bla1ze for the tip!

Dieter Bohn