Palm CEO Talks NeXT, Apple, iPhone on Engadget Show

New Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein was the debut guest on the brand new The Engadget Show, and host Joshua Topolsky asked many of the questions that needed asking. Starting off with some of Ruby's history at NeXT and Apple with Steve Jobs and his role in resurrecting the latter with products like the iMac and iPod, they segued into Palm talk for a bit, before bringing in back around to more controversial topics like Palm holding product announcements/releases right before annual Apple iPhone/iPod events, and the ongoing Palm "hacking" iTunes sync saga.

Fascinating interview, and awesome start for the Engadget crew. Congrats on the new endeavor, and we can't wait to see if Jobs, Schiller, Cook, Joz, or Forestall show up next...

Rene Ritchie

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