iPhone Nano Concept

First came the iPod, then came the iPod Nano. Well, okay, there was the intermediary Mini, but that's neither here nor there. Eventually -- and currently -- there was -- and is -- the Nano. So it should come as no surprise that ever since Steve Jobs dropped the iPhone bomb back at Macworld 2007, people (and analysts, who may still technically be people?) have been predicting an iPhone Nano.

And now some Apple patents have been revealed which may just bring it a few technical hurdles closer to being!

In a nutshell, it covers a method for making an iPhone-style touchscreen out of "sensor panel substrate called polyethylene terephthalate (PET)". It's directed towards an iPod Classic style device, although an example phone is also detailed, but in our iPhone world, we're imagining it might also one day find its way into an iPhone Nano as well...

Check the read link for a much more in depth rundown...


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