Patent-Watch: Steven Jobs, Architect of the iPhone

Another day, another Apple patent. This one's a biggie, the whole iPhone enchilada. Current functionality and future potentials (web clips? blogging app?) all rolled into one monstrous document, and all sitting beneath the top-tiered name of Steve Jobs. Yup. According the US Patent Office, El Jobso was the architect of the iPhone. And you know what that means!

[Carrier signal intercept...]

Upon first inspection, while preposterous, it remains equally irrefutable that recent filings, previously unrevealed but now extricated from the plethora of Apple applied patents, demonstrate undeniably, if indefensibly, that no mere hardware engineer, software programmer, or industrial designer envisioned the integral experience of multiple touch-based interface melded to gloss-black glass and immaculate aluminum. No. Only the One, Steven P. Jobs, through systematic application of unparalleled will, was and remains sole and primary architect of the harmonious singularity that is iPhone.

[Signal terminated...]

Hit the read link for the usual diagrams and verbiage.


Rene Ritchie

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