One of my readers sent me the following story. You be the judge as to the true guilty party.

AT&T billed me $667.91 with no explanation of the charges on the phone bill. When I called them they said that it was a charge for my phone because the credit card charges had been disputed by the person that purchased the phone. I told them that I had purchased the phone legally from a co-worker they did not care. They have refused to give me any details on the charges. They even refused to do any investigation into their facts to make sure that I do owe the money. They finally, after several hours agreed to investigate it but still will not tell me much. What I have been told as of now is; the phone was charged with an American Express card, the phone was shipped but not to the address the credit card was registered to. They also tell me that no receipt was requested for the phone upon delivery. (I find this very strange. You would not send out a phone worth more than $600 and not ask for a signature of the recipient). They cannot explain how I ended up with the phone. They said that they are not concerned with that. They have also told me that the charge was put on my account by an AT&T store but when asked which one they refused to tell me. I also know that several employees at the Burbank store, including the one that sold the phone to my co-worker, have been fired for “questionable actions”. I said to them “If this phone is stolen than call the police and I can take care of it from there.” (Another strange action, if it was stolen the first thing you do is get a police report). I guess they don’t want anyone looking too deep into their actions. They said they would not make any call but if I do not pay it they would take me to court for it. It seems strange that they seem to only go after me when they even talked to the person that sold it to me who told them that he was the one that bought it from the Burbank store. If it was really stolen as they claim than why did not try to get my co-worker to pay for it. This whole thing stinks of a scam by AT&T to make up money that a dishonest employee took.