Buyer beware: remote carrier unlocks for iPhone

A company by the name of Negri Electronics (among others) is offering a remote unlock for any iPhone model using the device's IMEI number -- the cost is a cool $175. They claim the unlock won't be affected by future software updates and back the service with a 100% money back guarantee.

This is the FIRST remote unlocking service for the iPhone. Any model, any carrier, any firmware, any baseband and a permanent unlock. YOUR PHONE WILL NOT RE-LOCK, EVER. This service is guaranteed. Simply send us your IMEI and within 24 hours yourself a permanently unlocked iPhone.

The way an official SIM-unlock from Apple works is that the iPhone's IMEI number is registered with Apple's activation servers so that, when the iPhone is connected to iTunes, it's recognized as unlocked, activated, and left open regardless of which SIM in subsequently inserted in the device.

Negri is not Apple or an official iPhone carrier, so there should be a big yellow sticky placed on it saying "buyer beware".

Even officially unlocked iPhones sometimes experience problems or need to be reset by Apple, which requires time on the phone with Apple support or a trip to the Apple Store. Needless to say, they won't help you at all with an unofficially unlocked phone.

So is this remote unlock worth dropping $175 on? Let us know what you think in the comments!

UPDATE: @CellUnlocknet on Twitter let us know they're not offering this service because, as mentioned above, Apple could discover the IMEI numbers unlocked through this process and relock them. So once again, proceed