How do you place calls on your iPhone? To be frank, I'm usually so busy doing other things I sometimes forget my iPhone is in fact a phone -- until it rings and yanks me out of whatever game or social network or website I'm engaged with. But when I need to reach someone else, that ability to place calls is suddenly the most important aspect of the device again. That's why we're curious how you use it.

  • Do you stick with Favorites? Currently you can double click the home button to bring up your call favorites then tap to call. It's fast-ish and a fairly traditional way to call on a phone.
  • Is Recents the real Favorites? Steve Jobs joked about this when he introduced the iPhone, but ironically for many of us the people who we call, and call us, the most are the ones we want to talk to and they're always only a couple taps away via the Phone app's Recents tab.
  • Old school type out the number? There's a dialing pad for those who still manage to remember phone numbers on their own, and some people still like to actually tap out
  • Are you all about Spotlight? Switch the double-click preference or just swipe left from the main home screen and Spotlight pops up. Start typing a few letters of the name, or a couple letters of the first, space, a couple letters of the last name and your contact pops up, tap that to get a list of their numbers and tap a number to call. Not super fast but if you have a huge number of contacts to manage, it can be super efficient. You can even do a combo - tap the Phone app or Contacts app to bring up the contacts list, scroll to the top to get a dedicated contact search on.
  • VoiceControl for the iPhone 3GS? It's only available on the latest model, but if that's the one you have you can hold down on the home button, or tap the call button on supported Bluetooth headsets, to bring up the iPhone's VoiceControl. Then you just say "Call", the person's name, and the number you want (mobile, home, work, etc.). Mostly, it gets it right. Mostly.
  • Is there an App Store app for that? The iPhone lets third party App Store apps plug in to the Contacts database so there are a number of apps that offer different ways to organize and approach your contacts, from social circles to business or friend groups. Some are smart enough to narrow down who you want to call more often or in what context. If you have a favorite app for calling, let us know.
  • Google Voice or VoIP the only option? Is your iPhone's Phone app for decoration only, with all your calls being placed via the Google Voice web app or a VoIP app like Skype?
  • Data detectors -- sometimes. The iPhone helpfully turns any phone numbers it finds in emails, notes, calendars, etc. into links that can start a call. For business people especially, just tapping the phone number to follow up with a phone call can be a time saver.

Let us know how you use your iPhone as an actual-to-Alexander-Graham-Bell phone, and if you have any special tips or tricks, let us know!