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Until further notice, Legendary Raid Hours have been suspended to support social distancing measures.

While Legendary Raids are always available at some Gyms, once a week they take over virtually all Gyms for an entire hour. These Legendary Raid Hours provide a chance for players to get together with a team and face several of the current Legendary Raid Boss in one quick go. How do they work, and what are they currently offering? Read ahead to find out!

What are Legendary Raid Hours?

A feature originally introduced in June 2019, Legendary Raid Hours are a weekly event in which virtually all Gyms are taken over by Legendary Raids. These Raids are available for the entire hour and allow players to attempt several raids with the current Legendary Raid Boss. Each Raid requires a Raid Pass, which you usually get one a day from spinning a Pokéstop, but there are also Premium Battle Passes for 100 Poké Coins in the Poké Shop if you need more after using your daily freebie. These are still Legendary Raids, meaning they require multiple players. Players are encouraged to team up for the hour so they can move from Gym to Gym until they've exhausted their Raid Passes or the hour is complete.

When is the next Legendary Raid Hour?

Previously, Legendary Raid Hours happened every Wednesday evening from 6 to 7 PM local time. It is likely that they will be held at the same time.

What is the current Legendary Raid Boss?

Currently, Thundurus and Cobalion are the Legendary Raid Bosses, but will not be featured in another Legendary Raid Hour at this time.

Questions about Legendary Raid Hours?

Do you have questions about Legendary Raid Hours? Any guess as to what Pokémon might be featured when they return? Drop us a comment below, and be sure to check out our Complete Pokédex, as well as our many Pokémon Go guides so you too can become a Pokémon Master!

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