Pokémon Go Mysterious Components have begun dropping

Pokemon Go Team Rocket Mysterious Component
Pokemon Go Team Rocket Mysterious Component (Image credit: Niantic)

What you need to know

  • Pokémon Go has been teasing the Looming Shadows storyline for weeks without a hint as to when it will go live.
  • Prior to any official announcement, players have begun receiving Mysterious Components from Team Go Rocket.
  • Not all players seem to be getting these drops.

Thanks to the dedicated players over at The Silph Road we now know that the Mysterious Components that have been mentioned in several of the Looming Shadows updates are now live... for some players at least.

Pokemon Go Mysterious Component screenshot

Pokemon Go Mysterious Component screenshot (Image credit: Reddit/ The Silph Road)

While only a handful of players have begun to find these items so far, we don't know yet if that is because of a low drop rate or because the update hasn't been rolled out globally. Pokémon Go's official Twitter has been posting messages all day from the new Team Go Rocket Leaders but has not announced anything about this update going live. It has been clear that they've been building up to this update but until the official announcement drops, it would seem as though it takes six Mysterious Components to build a Rocket Radar.

Mysterious Components have been reported to drop from battles with Team Go Rocket Grunts so keep an eye out for those dark Pokéstops and get in as many battles as you can. It is unclear if players can build the Rocket Radar yet, even if they manage to get six Mysterious Components but even if that part of the update hasn't gone live yet, you can still get a head start.

For more information on battling Team Go Rocket, check out our Guide and be sure to check back often. We'll keep you up to date on this developing story!

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