problems iPhone 3.0

If you're anything like us, the moment iPhone 3.0 hit iTunes, you hit the update button. For many, it was smooth sailing from that point on. For others...?

Not so much. We're hearing about several issues, from disconnecting Wi-Fi in 2nd Gen iPod touches (hello BT radio!) to missing apps, to sync issues, to push problems, to seach nulls, to my own little bizarre issue:

All my media is fine on my iPhone, but when I plug it in to iTunes, it's read as gigabytes of "other" data and I get a helpful message saying my iPhone is already full.

Of course, the nu-cu-lar option is always a clean restore, but if you want to troubleshoot first, check out TiPb's iPhone Forums. Our users are among the smartest in iPhone -- and iPod touch --space, and with our cracker-jack mod team in place, we can all help each other to... help each other.