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'Professional hackers' helped crack San Bernardino iPhone, says report

According to a new report, the FBI may have received a little help from so-called "professional hackers" in its successful bid to crack the iPhone 5c at the center of its recent legal feud with Apple. The Washington Post reports that the hackers pointed out a security flaw which was then exploited with a custom piece of hardware that allowed the FBI unlimited guesses at the iPhone's passcode.

The new information was then used to create a piece of hardware that helped the FBI to crack the iPhone's four-digit personal identification number without triggering a security feature that would have erased all the data, the individuals said.

Prior reports have suggested that the FBI secured help from Israeli firm Cellebrite in hacking the San Bernardino iPhone, but this was not the case, The Washington Post's anonymous sources say.

The exact method used to hack into the phone is still unknown. However, FBI Director James Comey has stated that the method does not work with the iPhone 5S or newer, limiting its potential uses going forward. It's still unclear whether the FBI intends to disclose its methods to Apple.

  • Finally the families can maybe get some amswers Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Answers? To what? Who were the killers? Calm down with your freaken nonsense. Sent from the iMore App
  • calm your *** down and go back in your hole Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Answers to why and who else was involved. And who knew. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • I don't believe it was by professional hackers... FBI payed money to Cellebrite for reason (to get at the data) ,, why would they suddenly not go down that part an instead go over to the 'dark side' ? Plus,, if the FBI can get in, the shoe is still on Apple for knowing how the FBI did it. And if its a "vulnerability" Apple needs to know anyway so they can patch it.
  • Apple doesn't care because the small percentage of people that care about security will upgrade to at least an SE. Why would Apple waste time investing resources on a dated device and OS?
  • Apple updates the OS so if the user can install it, they are protected.