More proof of video iChat, possible Game Center integration in iPhone OS 4 SDK beta 2

The evidence that iChat video is coming with the 4th generation iPhone continues to pile up with iPhone OS 4 beta 2 released just last week.

However, it does not end there. More code reveals that the iPhone must be registered for video conferencing along with the possibility of the feature only being used via Wi-Fi and not 3G data. So those who had hoped for video chat using their networks 3G connection may be a bit disappointed.


blockquote>ACCOUNT_NOT_REGISTERED_MESSAGE = "This device has not been registered for video conferencing.";


blockquote>IMAVCHAT_COULD_NOT_CONNECT_NO_REMOTE_WIFI = "The video call could not connect because a remote Wi-Fi connection could not be established."; IMAVCHAT_DISCONNECTED_NO_LOCAL_WIFI = "The video call disconnected because the local Wi-Fi connection was lost.";

And as an added bonus it seems as if Apple is working on integrating video chat with "tentpole" number 6, Game Center. From the code below it appears that you will be able to initiate video chats with other Game Center users.



iPhone OS 4 looks to be more promising than we originally had thought. Any of our readers excited just yet?

[Mac Rumors]

  • I was hoping AT&T would losen their grip a little.... They gave us FRING/Skype and Slingbox streaming...I guess it will take some more time
  • I think this could be a killer app, but even better if they integrate into skype
  • I never really imagined that if the iChat was going to come to the next gen iphone, that it would be allowed over ATTs 3G, i mean obviously ATT has made some strides in improving network performance over the past year but you cant believe their 3G could keep up with video conferencing all the time, so if its only WI-FI then it makes it more believable, atleast until LTE rolls out
  • Whoever wrote the code must be a Brit or from an British ex-colony or cannot spell. The word "recognized" is written two different ways in the same sentence.
  • I'm going to laugh if the front facing camera isn't on the new iPhone (just because it was on a prototype doesn't make it 100% yet, just look at the ipod G3). Even if it is I can bet AT&T will charge extra for video chat and rightfully so. Even if it's $5 or $10 over 3G I wouldn't be too upset. Also those of you who think that AT&T's 3G can't handle video conferencing is quite wrong. A reasonable quality, half-screen video (assuming you're holding the phone horizontally when conferencing) would really not be too bandwidth heavy. I remember streaming Apple's old keynotes in MP4 format at around 50kbps and it wasn't bad quality.
    But truth be told it's not something that I even want to see on an iPhone period. It's not something that I could ever see myself using. I wouldn't be surprised if Apple waits to introduce video conferencing until after it introduces iChat, a great iPhone2iPhone chat client and a system integrated messaging system. It's not like Apple to introduce an entirely new system wide update like iChat without first establishing the basics.
  • Yes i am really excited that i will be buying a HTC EVO that will let me do video chat over 3 and 4G Sprint network. I love my iPhone 3GS but i hate AT&T to death.
  • Your an idiot Victor!! This article is in reference to the software beta 2 which has nothing to do with the next gen iPhone leak you moron!!
  • lol @ buffdaddy
  • What I'd like to know is when is TiPB gonna make an iPhone app like TUAW
  • 3GUnrestrictor should take care of that pesky wifi only restriction nicely.
    Tell me again why we SHOULDNT jailbreak. I keep forgetting.
  • Um... all this gaming and wi-fi chatting are great for my iPod Touch. However, for my PHONE why would I want to play games and drain the battery? Oh wait, continually recharging said battery will make me replace it sooner... Oops can't replace it myself! Darn!
  • Dam rite @ Jared
  • @Cconde you sure it ain't one of you dopy yanks?
  • Not via 3G! LOL! Nothing a jailbreak and some extra software won't take care of. :thumbsup:
  • My Samsung Eternity let me video chat with other Samsung Eternity users as long as we were both in 3G networks.
  • ***This was on At&t's network so I know they can provide this service.
  • @ BuffDaddy; you might think twice about calling people childish names. Ya see the iChat software isn't much good without the front facing camera. So your wrong, the article is about both.
  • Video-calling over 3G uses a standard 64kbps CSD connection, so AT&T can easily handle it.
    Skype, and other "data" based solutions are a whole other ballgame though.
  • Ya for the tent Poles
  • we already saw the prototype that was proof enough for me, I can't wait
  • We really need 4G and Verizon's LTE to take off, and for Apple and Verizon to put their issues aside and do what is good for their users and make a deal. Then we can see video chat over 3G. AT&T's network, for all their improvements, still hasn't got the capability to handle this, not to mention all the territory where AT&T still hasn't deployed 3G.
  • Oops, that would be video chat over a 4G cellular network, meant to type 4G... silly typo.
  • "Whoever wrote the code must be a Brit or from an British ex-colony or cannot spell. The word “recognized” is written two different ways in the same sentence.
    Once it's written wrong, with a Z, and once it's written in English, which is an actual language.
  • @guinness0514
    fring allows 3g chatting so hopefully they will upgrade to video chat in the release after the 4g is out.
    could be just the localisation file you are seeing the difference in . US string names but a UK localisation.
  • I still remain skeptical about the likelihood of a front-facing camera on the next iPhone, even though there is mounting evidence in favor of it. I think clearly Apple has been testing out cameras in general (by that I mean, they nixed a camera for the iPod Touch last year, but ended up putting one on the Nano). But I'm not convinced they will really put a front-facing camera on the next iPhone. At least, not just for video chat. There is more of an argument for a front-facing camera for games (like on the Nintendo DSi) than for video chat, IMO.
    Anyway, I think pushing video chat would be very unlike Apple, which is why I'm skeptical. The fact that the prototype has a front-facing camera and that there is some evidence for support in the beta OS only tells me that Apple has been testing it internally. Now, because of the prototype falling into the hands of Gizmodo, Apple may change its plans, so who knows?