Qik for iPhone Lands in the App Store -- Without Live Streaming

Popular live video streaming app, Qik -- previously available to Jailbreak users -- has finally landed in the iTunes App Store... without its live streaming capability. This version of Qik (Free - iTunes link) records video from an iPhone 3GS which you can later upload via Wi-Fi. (A tragedy given how well the beta for the full version works!).

Boy Genius caught the story, and gets all up in Apple's face about the continued crippling of applications, though we can't help but wonder if this again falls into AT&T's new prohibition against streaming apps, which saw SlingMedia Player relegated to Wi-Fi only status?

Apparently a 3G version has been submitted to Apple, but until and unless the FCC forces some answers, we may not see any movement on that either. Of course, the aforementioned, un-crippled Jailbreak version remains an option.

Rene Ritchie

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