Caze Swarovski Apple logo decal give away

The Caze Swarovski Apple Logo Decal is just the item for adding a touch of bling to your iPhone. It features 26 Swarovski in the shape of an apple. The decal is handmade and I have had it on my iPhone for 3 weeks and I have not yet lost a Swarovski crystal. I use my decal with my CaseMate Chrome which I feel makes a nice pairing as the CaseMate Chrome has a opening in the back for the Apple logo. This also protects the logo from wear and tear.

The decal is self adhesive, similar to a sticker. Those worried about getting some adhesive stuck on the back of the iPhone can choose to use a clear round backing, which comes with the decal. (I used it for the video but wouldn't again -- next time it goes bare on the back). I do wish that the apple logo and the leaf were stuck together as the leaf is getting loose and I worry that I will soon lose it.

The decal is wonderful but the drawbacks are that you can not use many cases with the sticker on. I have been able to still use my Mophie Juice Pack albeit snuggly, which would have been a deal breaker for me (yes, I often forget to charge).

Give-away: we have 2 Caze Swarovski Apple logo decals for our faithful TiPb readers. Just leave a comment below telling me why you want to bling out your iPhone it and be sure to include a real email address (we won’t make it public but we will use it to notify you if you win!). Now start typing!

The Caze Swarovski Apple Logo Decal is $19.90 and available in light blue, Pink, gold, clear, light purple and purple, from Caze.


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