Rachio Iro lets you take charge of your sprinkler from your iPhone

I am always surprised when I see an awesome connected accessory, and the Racho Iro is no exception. This connected sprinkler controller lets you manage your sprinkler system from anywhere in the world using just your smartphone. The controller is available for either 8 or 16 zones and lets you take charge of your system with everything from auto-scheduling to analytics & reports. Iro is smart enough to watch the weather too, so it can adjust on the fly no matter what the current conditions.

The Rachio Iro isn't a necessity for most people, but it's a very cool accessory that can add another level connectivity to your connected home. Our good friend Phil at Android Central went all-in with the Iro on his home system, so be sure to swing over to Android Central and check out his full review — it works with iOS too!

Adam Zeis
Editorial Director - High Yield

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  • As usual, imore has buried the link to this product somewhere in the article, or maybe there is no link? I'm really tired of clicking links that don't take me anywhere, except to more imore pages. I know you're making money on ad impressions, but this policy is irritating as he77.
  • I picked this up last month and I love it. Sure it's not necessary but the ability to turn on my irrigation system in only one zone for my kids to play in on a whim is such a convenience compared to having to run to basement and fiddle with the standard timer/controller. Easy install and great interface on the iPhone App.
  • My husband cannot wait until we get one. I'm a little excited too. Hehe Sent from the iMore App