Raging Thunder on the iPhone - WOW

We’ve covered gaming on the iPhone more than a few times here at PD. And the general consensus is a combination of hope, excitement, and we-can't-freaking-wait. Well jailbreakers, you might not have to. After getting a glimpse of Raging Thunder (via TUAW), a car racing game made by Polarbit and made available through Installer.app, all I can say is...


I gave the game a quick test drive and the graphics are impressive for any handheld, not to mention a cell phone. The screen (with help of the accelerometer) functions much like Mario Kart for the Wii meaning tilt right to turn right, tilt left for left. Gameplay is fluid and responsive and it is just mind numbing fun to be playing something so advanced on your phone.

To be sure, there are flaws and glitches but at this point it is almost to be expected. (Tip: try to avoid pressing the home button mid-race. Just, trust me). But for one of the first steps into gaming on the iPhone, Raging Thunder works better than you would ever imagine.

Is it June yet?

  • As a proof of concept alone, that is awesome!
  • This Windows Mobile owner is VERY impressed! :)
  • I just know one day some game will cause me to launch my iPhone into the ground at high velocity... :(
  • The game looks fantastic, however the fact that it is designed to be played in portrait rather than landscape mode is a huge drawback.
    The iphone is awkward to hold in two hands and control like a wii remote in portrait mode. If it could be played in landscape mode it would be more natural to grip and certainly more Wii like.
    Hopefully they make this adjustment as the graphics and basic gameplay is fantastic minus the orientation flaw.
  • I tried this game and its fantastic , expecting more accelerometer based games through intaller app.
  • I really like your blog!