iPhone in Australia: This is 3G!

No sooner does T-Mo Austria pre-post an iPhone 32GB SKU then Vodafone Australia sees them and raises the dreaded End-of-Life (EOL) on the iPhone 16GB. MacTalk says:

Why is this interesting to us? Well it just adds further fuel to the fire that there will be a new iPhone very, very soon. What mixes us up is the fact the 8GB isn’t EOL, but the 16GB is. Perhaps a 32GB and 8GB model will be around, the 8GB being the value option for the price conscious set.

Our bet is that the 16GB will be replaced with a 16GB next gen iPhone, joined by a 32GB model. Whether the 8GB iPhone 3G becomes the low-end option or not is anyone's guess...

See the image, after the break!

Vodafone brightpoint iPhone 16GB end of life