Raining Rumors: Vodafone Australia Saying "Eru!" to iPhone 16GB

No sooner does T-Mo Austria pre-post an iPhone 32GB SKU then Vodafone Australia sees them and raises the dreaded End-of-Life (EOL) on the iPhone 16GB. MacTalk says:

Why is this interesting to us? Well it just adds further fuel to the fire that there will be a new iPhone very, very soon. What mixes us up is the fact the 8GB isn’t EOL, but the 16GB is. Perhaps a 32GB and 8GB model will be around, the 8GB being the value option for the price conscious set.

Our bet is that the 16GB will be replaced with a 16GB next gen iPhone, joined by a 32GB model. Whether the 8GB iPhone 3G becomes the low-end option or not is anyone's guess...

See the image, after the break!

Vodafone brightpoint iPhone 16GB end of life

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Rene Ritchie

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  • Australia is calling for an Emergency Response Unit for the iPhone?
  • And Rogers Rep is feeling unloved.
  • Well if it's 8 or 32 it would make that $100 price difference make some fuckin sense.
    They might be keeping the 8gb 3Gs as low cost ($99 on contract) phones and offering the new iPhone in 16gb and 32gb flavours.
  • Dude! So rogers rep may have been wrong. That's ok. Let's not beat a dead horse. (over and over in every new article) I got one word for ya "letitgo"!!
    I am actually glad that the new phone is looking more and more like it'll be out soon. I got a cozy spot on my credit card reserved for it!
  • Chobbs:
    I persist on the theory that the Rogers Rep was a shill, a plant, or someone being less than forthright on this issue.
    I'd like to see him come and answer for his definitive statement that no new phone was coming. He didn't say the THOUGHT there would be no new phone, he stated it as if it were carved in stone. I told him at the time he made the bold assertion that I was keeping a Famous Last Words file.
    If it bothers you, skip over my posts. Its all in good fun.
  • I have tried to skip over your posts but they are too many to sift through efficiently. You have made your point. Everyone knows. It is pointless to continue.
    If he is indeed a plant you will get no satisfation from him so... Please let it go. I beg you or I fear I may no longer be able to go on.. Feeling faint...gasp...too many "good fun" posts...
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