Real or Fake? Another Next-Gen iPhone "Leak" Hits the Web!

Italian site iSpazio has posted up a couple images they received from tipster who claimed they're shots from Apple's development web server showing off pages that feature the next-generation iPhone (presumably what will go up post-WWDC keynote).

Of note, they highlight the Voice Memos app from iPhone 3.0 and -- wait for it -- a front facing camera, presumably for the oft-rumored Mobile iChat. As always, there's no way to tell if these are real or fake.

The second image (after the jump), which features tethering, however, perplexingly shows off the iPhone 2.x, NOT 3.0 home screen layout. Roh-roh Raggy. That one has us immediately calling shenanigans...

All in favor?


Rene Ritchie

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