If you're a developer who just woke up to find the dreaded pink screen of death (PSoD) with that horrifying icon set telling you to plug into iTunes on an otherwise no-longer-functional iPhone, take a deep breath.

As we reported yesterday, for some reason Apple timed iPhone 3.1 Beta 2 to expire today, July 28 at 12am local time. However, they released iPhone 3.1 Beta 3 the day before. So, hit developer.apple.com, download, tether up, and install the fresh new firmware... for as long as that lasts.

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Since Apple intends beta software to run only on development devices for testing purposes, not actual user iPhones for daily use, they probably don't think anyone will be legitimately inconvenienced if caught traveling away from iTunes and Xcode. Even legit devs, however, may balk at having to purchase a second iPhone or iPod touch just for firmware testing, and could well get caught in the lurch.

Here's hoping Apple doesn't time things quite so tightly next beta.