Return of the iPhone 3.0 Direct Movie + TV Show Download Rumors!

rumored direct movie download screenshot

In keeping with last week's crazy screen rumor that iPhone 3.0 would add movie and TV show direct, on-device downloads to the current music and audio and video podcast downloads, Apple Insider reports that they have:

...learned from people familiar with Apple's training program that new self-guided training materials being distributed to familiarize AppleCare agents with the features of iPhone 3.0 software "definitely covered" the ability to directly download movies and TV shows on the device itself, rather than just syncing video content through iTunes.

And points out that "Apple never puts out product training this far ahead of a product launch."

So what's going on with that? We figure it'll be Wi-Fi only, but could there be anything else going on here?

Rene Ritchie

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