The Seidio Inno Case for the iPhone ($32.95) is a very subtle case that manages to increase the functionality of the phone and enhance the user experience. The design is simple and understated and comes in colors such as blue, black, and burgundy. The case adds some flair but little to no bulk to your iPhone.

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Set Up

In the Package InnocaseRight Side

To put the case on, you simply just slide on the larger, top portion of the case and then slide on the smaller, bottom portion until the two click in place. There is a pseudo-button on the back of the case that allows you to verify that the case is secure and also allows you to un-click the mechanism to disassemble the case. The iPhone fits quite snugly under the case, so a slight push might be needed to get the fit right.

Design and Construction

Bottom OpenIn the Dock

The case’s structure is a hard plastic that serves as the backbone for the case. On the outer layer of the case, a rubber-like material provides better grip for the user. There are also cutouts for the iPhone’s buttons, camera, docking port, and headphone jack. The iPhone feels very secure in the case and the case feels great in your hands.

The unique nature of the Seidio Inno Case is that it is mindful of Apple’s dock for the iPhone. Many cases on the market today require you to remove the entire case for docking purposes, which create a clumsy user experience. With the Inno Case, all you have to do is slide off the bottom portion of the case and you are free to dock.

The only design flaws that I’ve noticed when using the case is that it exposes a bit of the outer-rim of the chrome bezel of the iPhone. Also, the bottom corners on the face of the iPhone are a little awkwardly designed. Unlike the top corners that follow the trim of the iPhone, the bottom corners jut out on a different slope.

Even with those slight annoyances in mind, the Seidio Inno Case is still a well-constructed case that looks streamline with the iPhone.



The great feature of having a hard shell with a rubber outer layer is that it provides the user a great tactile feel while not compromising the strength of the case. The material used inside the case is a very firm plastic with a soft felt liner that the back of the iPhone can lay quite comfortably on.

The only potential worry from using this case is the possibility of scratches it can create from using the sliding mechanism to dock the iPhone. Because of the snug fit inside the case, the chrome rim of the iPhone will sometimes rub against the case’s plastic interior. I would have imagined the same felt material that protects the back of the iPhone to be placed under the rim, but this was not the case.

Though to be noted, in my usage of the case, I have slid the bottom portion off numerous times and have experienced no such scratches.


With the Seidio Inno Case, the user gets the best of both worlds. The slightly rubber outer layer provides a great tactile feel that prevents the iPhone from slipping out of your hands and the hard shell of the case allows it to maintain its shape without growing loose over time. Also, sliding only a small part of the case for docking purposes enhances the usability of the case.

I can fully recommend this case to anyone who is looking for a case that doesn’t deter from any of the iPhones features. It combines a clean and minimal look with a clever way to use the dock. Also, it uses great materials that will more than adequately protect your iPhone. Compounding all those facts along with its great feel, it should be a BUY for any iPhone user looking for a rubberized hard case.


  • Great Feel
  • Easy to Dock
  • High Quality Materials
  • Subtle Style
  • Not Bulky


  • Doesn't protect the iPhone's chrome bezel
  • Awkward bottom-corner design
  • Plastic interior can be unforgiving on the iPhone

Overall: 4/5