Round Robin: Android Casey's Final iPhone Review!

[This is an official Smartphone Experts Round Robin post! Every day you reply here, you're automatically entered for a chance to win an iPhone 3G, Case-Mate Naked Case, and Motorola H9 Bluetooth Headset! More below!]

So, was Android Casey turned to the Apple iPhone side of the Round Robin, or will the Google G1 from T-Mobile forever control his destiny? Jump on over to his full, final iPhone 3G review to see what he loved, what he hated, and how he treated our beloved iPhone. (And every day you tell him just what you think of his review, you get a chance to win AC's signature device, the G1 itself).

Since round 2 is now about to start, and Casey's shipped the iPhone off to WinMo Dieter while Crackberry Kevin has thrown the Palm Treo Pro in my general direction, that's the end of my incredibly strained Star Wars metaphors (for now!) as well.

Wonder what Dieter will have to say about the iPhone? Can't imagine what I'll come up with for the Treo Pro, but remember you can post everyday below to increase your odds of winning an iPhone, and on all the Smartphone Experts sites -- we're giving away 5 different handsets, and accessory packs, this year!

Rene Ritchie

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